Governo Chianti: A 700 year old innovation.

Duca di Saragnano Chianti Governo brings a 13th-century winemaking technique into the 20th century delivering bold fruit flavour and a soft silk mouth feel. 

This wonderfully complex red wine is produced using the “Governo” method. This means the wine is made with sun-dried Sangiovese grapes, bringing a certain depth and softness which only enhance the delectable flavours of black cherry, olive, earth, and pink peppercorn. Just one sip will transport you to the narrow cobbled streets of Florence.

Watch here to learn all about this classic innovation!


Pour yourself a glass and embrace this delectable wine the Italian way – with a classic antipasto platter 🫒 🍷😄

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Dan started Azureau in 2008 and works closely with LCBO retail partners, key restaurant accounts, and Azureau’s portfolio of suppliers across the globe. In addition to a wine and spirits enthusiast, Dan is a father to 5 and a Bernedoodle named Riley!

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