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A wine blog intended to expand and explore the topics that leave us thinking with each sip.

Join us as we discover the world through our glass.

Sipping Wine & Saving Lives

Bar Dog Wine Gives Back to Animal Shelters Across Ontario. It’s no secret helping worthy causes makes your day a little...


The Perfect Event for Wine & Spirit Enthusiasts

Look no further than the Azureau 2022 Portfolio Tasting. Are you eager to discover a new favourite winery or...

Kailee Smith

Cartlidge and Browne’s Power Trio of Exceptional California Wine

Cartlidge and Browne first burst onto the winemaking scene in 1980 and have since become one of the most successful...

Kailee Smith

Governo Chianti: A 700 year old innovation.

Duca di Saragnano Chianti Governo brings a 13th-century winemaking technique into the 20th century delivering bold...


Savour the final weeks of Summer with these Four Wines

Delectable wine can be enjoyed all year round, but there’s something pretty magical about pouring a glass in the summer...

Kailee Smith

Wine and Dine: 5 Tips for Hosting a Summer Dinner Party

Wine & Dine A summer dinner party is always a fabulous idea. It's also the perfect way to make the most of the fleeting...

Kailee Smith

Three Months of Cocchi!

Inspired by the Cocchi bars of the past, we’ve brought the spirit of Cocchi to Eataly, Toronto! Mark your calendars and...


Sulfites in Wine: What They Are (and why they're worry-free)

Like all food and drink on the market, good wines contain a list of often unknown ingredients. And sulfites in wine...